Banksy Wall Stickers & Decals

Banksy Wall Art Stickers

With his unique and iconic style, Banksy has transformed many street corners, walls and buildings across the world from ordinary to extraordinary. Why not do the same in your home with some Banksy wall stickers? Easy to apply and just as easy to remove, any one of these stickers can make an interesting statement. Choose from bold and provocative images such as the Gun Toting Monkey or Toxic Rat for an edgy, contemporary look in your living room. Or, opt for a softer, more delicate piece, such as the Banksy Balloon Girl or the Banksy Heart Balloon Girl for your bedroom or dining room.

Transform your living space with this stylish sticker collection which offers just a hint of dark humour and a satirical twist on modern day life, perfect for the person who likes their décor to be just a little bit different. The monochromatic prints work well with any colour scheme and can be made into a feature piece with ease. They can just as easily blend into your existing scheme, and you can still use these stickers in rented accommodation as they can be easily removed leaving no trace behind. So make Banksy wall stickers your décor of choice!

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