Custom designs

Custom Wall Decals

We specialise in designing custom decals to our customers’ special requirements, whether that’s modifying one of our existing designs or designing something completely unique to their specification.

Custom decals can be for a range of customers’ events such as weddings and birthdays or to transform the look and free of their home or children’s bedrooms. We can create designs for new quotes and expressions, wall art decals and for children’s favourite hobbies and cartoon characters.

We are also experienced sign makers so many of our custom decals are signs for customers’ homes and businesses.

Custom decals cost a little more than our advertised range of decals due to the design work required but the feedback from our customers suggests they think it is well worth the extra cost.

How to request a custom decal design

Simply contact us via the Contact Us page or call us on +44 (0) 1730 823917 with details of your requirements, which will need to include the approximate size of the decal before we can confirm a price.